About Us

Farida hookahs are born of a passion for design. At Farida we do not consider ourselves hookah traders, or simply hookah manufacturers, we are hookah connoisseurs, investing decades of product-design experience into creating previously unimaginable pieces. Farida hookahs are both a dazzling work of art and truly technically superior products with their unparalleled smoking efficiency.

Each day sees our designers working with the artisans and craftsmen in our workshops to imagine up stunning new hookahs, challenging ourselves to break the boundaries of what was once thought possible. Melding brass, wood, glass, engraving, copper, calligraphy, ceramics, clay, plastic and leather in previously unthinkable ways using cutting edge techniques (many of which we have spearheaded ourselves), at Farida, we like to exceed expectations, both our own and those of our exclusive roster of clients. As we like to say – we design your imagination.

There are hookahs, and then there are Farida hookahs. But don’t just take our word for it. Take the time to search through our comprehensive website (each day new products are added) and search online and on Youtube for the thousands of reviews by Farida fans.

Farida is part of Unique Design. Launched in 1990 in the UK, Unique Design has been conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing exclusive giftware for over two decades. Melding tradition Egyptian techniques and inspirations with a distinctly modern outlook and aesthetic, our picture-perfect pieces have lined the shelves of some of the world’s leading retailers. 

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